Action Non Stop

A rousing line-up with cheers and songs kick off each day at camp, packing every minute with education and fun! Off we go to morning Davening and some enjoyable, good learning. With learning (never) ending, the rest of the day is filled with joy and action. Check out the various programs and activities in store for your campers, and remember - there is no such thing as a regular day at Gan Israel.

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Recreational swimming and water sports, with great emphasis on swimming instruction in full sized swimming pools, are a delightful element of the camp schedule. All aquatic activities are under constant careful supervision of trained, experienced and certified Red Cross Lifeguards. Safety is our primary concern.

Swimming and swim instruction is a daily activity in camp.  On trip days and during the 'Nine Days,' there will be no swimming.  Water activities and sports will substitute swimming in the days prior to 'Tisha B'av'.


The Arts

At our summer day camp, we offer campers the opportunity to express themselves creatively through a variety of outlets. Many of these arts are directed at educational and Judaic themes.  

Gan Israel art programs include:

  • Cooking
  • Baking (lots of Challah baking…)
  • Drama
  • Science
  • Nature
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Drawing and Painting  

Score big at Gan Israel with our fabulous round up of sports and athletics. We encourage all campers to participate and improve - each on their level. A variety of sports awaits the campers, including baseball, basketball, football, kickball, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and more. Our focus is on on good sportsmanship and self confidence - and that makes everyone a winner.


Campers at Gan Israel get the opportunity to create memories and experiences beyond the camp's grounds at various destinations in the surrounding area. Gan Israel’s “Trip Days” are scheduled once a week to theme parks, roller skating, museums, bowling, boating and more.

Can you guess the cost of a Flamingo? How about a Grand talent show? Wanna go on a bean hunt? All this and far more await a lively bunch of ever-more-fun-wanting little boys and girls at Gan Israel.  Specialties and surprises and a mainstay of being in camp and rest assured - we have lots of them in store!