Swim / Swim Lessons

Recreational swimming and water sports, with great emphasis on swimming instruction in full sized swimming pools, are a delightful element of the camp schedule. All aquatic activities are under constant careful supervision of trained, experienced and certified Red Cross Lifeguards. Safety is our primary concern.

At Camp Gan Israel, our philosophy and goal is for children to feel and be safe in the water. Our highly experienced Instructors use positive motivation and a gentle, caring method to foster self-confidence while building upon fundamental swim and water safety skills. Through the use of age-appropriate activities, the lessons introduce students to swimming and water safety skills in an interesting and enjoyable manner.

All aquatic activities are under the careful supervision of experienced and certified lifeguards. Lifeguards are trained in: American Red Cross lifeguard training and Community First Aid and Safety, as well as CPR for the Professional Rescuer. All In addition to many of our staff being First Aid/CPR certified. Safety is our primary concern.


Children swim at the County College of Morris. Swimming and swim instruction takes place every day except for trip days and Jewish public fast days.

Camp Gan Israel strives to maintain small manageable classes, individual attention and highly trained instructors. Lifeguards will be on duty during the class to monitor the area for the safety of each individual student.

●  Every week will include at least one new skill or advancement
●  Organized lesson program with goals and objectives for each individual session
●  Three levels, Beginner, Intermediate and advanced.
●  There will be an average of seven students per instructor.

The classes are approximately half of the swim session. The children have free swim for the other half hour that the camp is using the pool. During the free swim, there is a buddy system. (Please see our camp policy for more info).

Kids who attend camp for 4 weeks or more receive a certificate which lists the skills learned during the summer. 


Gan Israel goes swimming at the YMCA of Randolph. YMCA is famous for their individual attention, quality and experienced staff. The Kiddie Division (kids from 3-5) will be swimming at YMCA of Randolph on Dover Chester Rd. Swimming takes place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All other days the Kiddie division will be having water sports in the Pre-school playground behind the school building.

The 2-year-old group does not go to swim. They have water activities in the playground.

Swim lessons: Kids are placed in groups of a ration 2:5. Swim classes are for 40 minutes. Swim lessons are based on the child’s swimming level. Lessons start with basic skills such as learning how to float and go as far as teaching them basic swimming skills such as kicking, floating, paddling and swimming on their front and back. Swim lessons are introduced in a gentle caring and fun way.



Funshops are a specialty option where campers choose from a variety of exciting and educational specialties. 

Children enjoy activities such as listed below.

These workshops will give campers a chance to focus on their favorite activities and try new experiences. Fun shops will encourage skill building, teach new techniques and allow children to express themselves and enjoy their choices. Campers choose the electives they want 3 times throughout the summer. Fun Shops takes place 2-3 times a week.

Funshops (4).png

*Music - Learn to play the Ukulele with our 5 week elective taught by The Modern Music Academy

Lego Robotics - Campers get to experience building a variety of Lego Robots.

Tennis - Play and learn Tennis. Instructed by Randolph Tennis

Magic - Learn some basic Magic tricks with Magician Mike Capozzi

**Kickzsoccer: A fun and educational soccer program for players who are looking to develop their soccer skills. Instructed by the Kickzsoccer club.

Drama - Introduce yourself to the world of theatre! Children will explore their imagination and learn how to create and express their ideas. Instructed by Karen Cooper

Science - Learn and explore science in a fun and hands on way! Instructed by Catherine Rosenthal.

Chess - Challenge your mind and learn how to play the age old game of Chess.

Basketball: Learn the sport of control and physical endurance. Instructed by Mrs Robinson

Delicious Delights: Treat yourself to some delicious desserts amd learn how to make them on your own.


*Music - This is a 5 week elective. Campers cannot join the 2nd session of music if they did not do the first session

**Kickzsoccer - This is a 5 week elective. Campers have the option of doing soccer for 1 or 2 sessions. Campers who attend all 5 weeks will come out with many more skills.


The Arts

At our summer day camp, we offer campers the opportunity to express themselves creatively through a variety of outlets. Many of these arts are directed at educational and Judaic themes.  

Gan Israel art programs include:

  • Cooking
  • Baking (lots of Challah baking…)
  • Drama
  • Science
  • Nature
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Drawing and Painting  


Score big at Gan Israel with our fabulous round up of sports and athletics.

Campers participate in various sports activities, such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, kickball, soccer volleyball, tennis, gymnastics and more. Our sports coaches are professional physical education instructors who teach with patience. guidance and encouragement.

We encourage all campers to participate and improve - each on their level.  Our focus is on good sportsmanship and self confidence - and that makes everyone a winner!



Campers at Gan Israel get the opportunity to create memories and experiences beyond the camp's grounds at various destinations in the surrounding area. Gan Israel’s “Trip Days” are scheduled once a week to theme parks, roller skating, museums, bowling, boating and more.

Past trips have included the following:


Kiddie Camp
Pump it Up
Alstede Farms
Tag Alongs
Randolph Gymnastics
Gardner Fields

Older Divisions
Dorney Park
Florham Park Roller Rink
Lakeview Marina Speed Boating
Underground Mine Tour
Moster Mini Golf
Tomahawk Lake
Imagine That
Bridgewater Sports Arena
Liberty Science Center

Shabbat Party

Shabbat Party

Water Play

Water Play

Activities & Special Events  

Can you guess the cost of a Flamingo? How about a Grand talent show? Wanna go on a bean hunt? All this and far more await a lively bunch of ever-more-fun-wanting little boys and girls at Gan Israel. Our weekly program is enhanced with

  • Fun Lineups
  • Jewish themed Circle Ups
  • Choirs
  • Olympic type games 
  • Drama
  • Carnivals
  • Dress-­up days
  • Overnights & Late Nights
  • Color war
  • Hiking
  • Bunk competitions
  • Shabbat parties
  • Challah baking
  • Birthday Parties
  • Beach Days
  • Imaginarium
  • Krav Maga
  • Lego Robotics
  • Gaga
  • Water Tag
  • Baking
  • Water Baseball
  • Fun Rainy Day Activities
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Foam Parties
  • Archery
  • police and fire demonstrations

      and... oh... so much more.



Specialties and surprises and a mainstay of being in camp and rest assured - we have lots of them in store!

Huge Water Slides
Fun Bus
Family BBQ
CGI International Live Rally
Petting Farms


At Camp Gan Israel, every camp day is different. A typical day might look like this: 

Older Divisions
Campers arrive - line up | 9:30 Prayer and Jewish theme | 10:00 Electives | 10:50 Snack | 11:00 Sports | 11:40 Bunk Activity | 12:00 Lunch | 12:30 swim | 2:30  Camp Activity | 3:30 Another day at CGI is over - can't wait until tomorrow!


Kiddie Camp
Campers Arrive - Table time | 9:30 Lineup | 9:45 - Snack & Prayer | 10:00 Daily Specialty | 11:00 Sports | 11:45 Lunch | 12:30 Crafts | 1:00 Swim | 2:45 Playground | 3:30 Another day at CGI is over - can't wait until tomorrow!